Britain’s forgotten (!!) £10.4bn, yes billion

Posted June 1st, 2015 by admin. Posted in General

Where is it?

It is in dormant bank accounts, forgotten pensions, unclaimed prizes, credits on energy accounts, to name but a few…

These have probably occurred whilst moving house and companies being forgotten to be informed of the change of address.

So, it is worth enquiring to see if you are owed anything – be prepared to put in some work checking old paperwork.

From my experience, people do not “enjoy” paperwork. With the advent of digital/online this has become more manageable and with new innovations being put in place all the time, who knows, perhaps people in the future will say they “don’t do digital/online”?

If nothing else, the recent deluge of PPI claims, has made people more aware of potential cash and, with this incentive in the current climate, many in society have demonstrated that they are more than happy to make a claim.

Act today and check your old accounts, both off and online.

(Article taken from Sunday Times)

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