Beware of Ransomware!

Posted April 18th, 2016 by Erin. Posted in General, Uncategorized, Web 2

A client has alerted us to emails that suggest you owe money to an organisation and asks you to click on a link to access the invoice. Beware that this could be ransomware!

When you click on the link it installs a virus on your computer called Maktub that encrypts all your files. You will then receive the ransom mail that asks you to pay a fee to unlock your data. There are reports that even if you pay the fee, you then receive another mail demanding more money.

Please see this article from the BBC which explains in more detail.

There is another scam that has seems to becoming widespread. This works when the FD or person who has access to the company bank accounts receives an email purportedly from the MD or other senior person asking for monies to be transferred quickly to an account for a “Confidential Project”. The fraudsters send it in the name of the MD as if it has gone from their smart phone. They have even been known to send the email when the MD is on holiday, so the FD may be reluctant perhaps to contact the MD directly for confirmation.

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