Why use us?

New clients tell us they came to us because they’d got tired of feeling like a number themselves, or never seeing their faceless accountant, or worrying about the cost every time they rang.

So we work really hard to give you good reasons to call us in the first place – and good reasons to stay:

We build relationships: the kind of helpful, let’s-roll-our-sleeves-up relationships which show we’re taking an interest in improving in your business. And unlike many accountants, we’ll come to you.

We go the extra mile: sure, we’ll do what you ask us to do. But there may be other things we can do which you’d never think to ask. We keep our eyes and ears open so we can continually suggest ways to make you more successful – on any subject, not just accounting!

We charge sensible prices: sadly, some accountants will try it on. But we charge fair pricing with no compromise on the level of professional expertise you get. And when you call us, you won’t hear a clock ticking in the background.

We make it simple: We’re straight-talking people. We’re the first to admit that numbers are boring… and who likes jargon? We can all amortise this and accrue that, but what really matters is what it means to your business.

We take the initiative: We voraciously collect all kinds of helpful information – press clippings, books, web links, white papers and ideas – just so we can pass them on to you. But don’t worry: we’ll only send you what’s relevant to your business. Some of it’s in our Knowledge Centre, so why not have a browse?  You can also sign up for our Tweets and our ‘Added Value Information’ emails.

But if you’d still like to find out for yourself why we’re different, give us a call on 0113 258 2221. Ask us any question you like – and we won’t bill you for the answer.

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